The advent of revolutionary phenomenon’s like Globalization and Mechanization brought great benefits to the society. Their tremendous impact was visible in every walk of life and now it has been an integral part of our lives, but every coin has two sides, the emergency of Mechanization and Globalization also squeeze the conventional avenues of employments, to add to it, due to exponential population growth and rapid spread of education, the pool of educated unemployed youth is constantly on rise.

Mr. Kishor Dabholkar is in this solar field since 1995 he has Established ‘DSAI’ Dabholkar Solar & Agrotech Industries Pvt. Ltd. in Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, India, we “ Manufacture of Solar Product” are Solar Street Light, Solar Home Light, Solar Garden Light, Solar Power Plants Off Grid & On-Grid, Li-Battery Pack, Li-Polymer battery pack, E-vehicle Battery Pack Custom Design Battery pack. We are also in E-vehicle and many more business activities.

Benefits of Solar Energy 

One time investment and power for life.
25 years life span and 4-6 years payback period.
Can be hybridized with existing electric grid and diesel generator.
Income Tax accelerated depreciation benefit available.
Earn from your investment with net metering and Earn carbon credits for reduce CO2 emission.

Why DSAI ?

Quality: Quality is our motto and we only use best components available in the market.
Technical credibility: Our Technical team has hands on experience about technical aspects and can find innovative ways to offer you green solutions with solar power.
Excellent service: We are committed to offer world class updated solar solution.
Convenient and reliable after sales service.
Affordable cost: We are innovating every steps to make product most affordable.


  1. On Grid Solar Systems
  2. Off Grid Solar Systems
  3. Solar Pump.
  4. Solar Fencing
  5. Solar Home Lights.
  6. Solar Street Lights.
  7. Solar Garden Lights.